The All New Atom: My Life in Miniature
The All New Atom
(2006 2008) #1

"Let’s see if you guys deserve your reps. Whip out your big brains, my friends!”

I could make an entire post dedicated to my favorite characters’ smiling and how it just makes me smile.

… oh hey there’s an idea.

Anyway, the Lighter Than Air Society really shines with sequences where Ryan can go to them like this. And it just makes me all the more excited.

See, I grew up with parents who are educators, all of my mentors and adult friends growing up (and to an extent even now) have been teachers in some capacity. And I always feel discouraged at how education and educators are so frequently portrayed as awful or antagonistic.

This is basically Ryan’s own super-team for his adventures, and they’re wonderfully inventive and wacky in a way that feels like teachers as I’ve known and seen them my entire life — just as full of personality and intrigue as the students they teach.

That makes this series go a long way in my book.

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