30 Days of DC - Day 4
Bro I’d Bring Back: Ryan Choi / The Atom

I’m just going to be frank with this one. I honestly don’t think I have the capacity to forgive DC for what they did to Ryan Choi.

At the end of the day, companies in charge of creative properties do stupid things, silly mistakes. The comic industry itself is something of a landmine - the fact that shared universes work at all is more of a miracle than it should be an expectation. I get that.

But I come to you, in earnest, and express that nothing in comics has ever seemed more needlessly cruel, more disturbingly deaf to implications of racism and general loathing of your fan base to me than the murder of Ryan Choi.

Ryan is the superhero I relate to the most, the character whose compelling stories and motivations were the most vivid and real to me. He was a teacher, a scientist, and a son more than he was your classic tight-wearing cavalier. He was fun, engaging, and his stories were some of the most original, clever, and daring to come out of DC Comics in years.

And I say this as someone who, prior to Identity Crisis, actually liked Ray Palmer!

I’m so bold as to declare that Ryan is one of the single best contributions that Gail Simone has given the comic industry. There is a hole in my heart where he is very much missed.

Suggested Singles:
The Brave and the Bold (2007-2010) #9 *

Amazing Arcs:
All of The All-New Atom (2006-2008)!!!
You’ll have to get creative in finding them, the trades are out there and I’ve been fortunate with old long boxes at some LCS. They’re not currently available for digital legally. Sorry :(

* Available on Comixology.com for $1.99

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    When Gail Simone of all people can not defend a comic book, you KNOW someone has screwed up pretty bad.
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    This is awesome, I’ve wanted to read Ryan Choi for a long while but I had no idea where to start and I was too lazy to...
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