fma meme: favourite relationship (1/4)
↳ may chang and scar

– “You are hanging around with a mass murderer?!”
– “Eh? He is a very nice person.”

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Official Rena Rambles Schedule At Last!


I have been working on putting together a monthly schedule of upcoming Rambles for a while now and it’s finally done!

You can check out scheduled Rambles here!

I will do my best to update the list weekly : ) 

: ) Relevant to some asks I’ve been receiving about Rambles~

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Why don’t more people know about the Hercules parody of the SnK OP it’s fantastic



This one has actually titans in it

Phil can be Levi or is that still too tall or

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Fic: Muy Caliente


Author’s Note: Okay, so I don’t usually write crack fics, but after this post, I had to. Hopefully I’ve managed to stop taking myself seriously well enough to pull this off. Thanks to harshcutieszoos and incogneat-oh for the inspiration! You guys both rock.

Oh, and don’t ask me where this is set. Li’l Gotham ‘verse, maybe? Just go with it.

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Absolutely wonderful!

necronomics said: Personally I feel Bette Kane should be included in more Bat Family posts on Tumblr but I know she hasn't worked with them as a unit or made relationships, having only Kate to go on, so what do you consider her status?

I actually kind of consider the Batwoman family a separate family unit altogether. Kate is a completely independent agent in my mind who works for her own legacy, her own reasons and needs, and so on. And I feel like she has built her own family unit just as strong (in my mind — was getting there in canon) as Bruce’s, but she has no interest in joining them.

I consider Renee’s Question as more of a member of that Bat Family than I do of Bruce’s actually.

But… Yeah. I do think Bette should be getting more credit on Bat Family posts in general. She was a superhero even before Kate was in the preboot canon, after all!

That being said, I’m kinda meh about my considerations for the Batgirl legacies. When I talk about the metatextual Bat Family — as in us as readers viewing the changes in comics over the decades — of course I want Betty Kane right up there with Babs and Helena and Cass and Steph for her part in the mantle. But… I really don’t like those stories. They’re incredibly sexist and Betty Kane and Kathy Kane of those stories aren’t my favorite things in the world to be subjected to lemme just tell ya.

And I find that it’s sort of become a thing now for some fans to use her time as Bat-Girl to deemphasize the impact of Barbara’s Batgirl, which I don’t think is really fair to either character. That’s why when I talk about Batgirl as a legacy title, I will say its Barbara (Batgirl I) then Cass (Batgirl II) — not to really take away from either Bette or Helena, who was called Batgirl during No Man’s Land just briefly, but wasn’t given that title by Babs or really wanted to be considered that herself (she was replacing Batman not Batgirl at the time) — but I consider the Legacy handed down between mentor and protege, from friend to friend, mother to daughter etc. (Same with Charlie’s claim to it). They’re all Batgirls. Just not part of that direct lineage that Babs started.

Anyway. It’s shaky grounds, but I’m kinda solid in how I consider it.

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Anonymous said: my mom had a lot of dogs and cats when she was younger and since she lived in a village(??) , she fed her pets rice, vegetables and whatever meat she has and they lived for super long and were super healthy. we bought a new dog and she's planning to do the same but we live in the city now and is it okay? will the dog be healthy? i told her that feeding the dog vegetables along with meat is okay but im not very sure.

Diets are fairly difficult to balance out for animals, though it’s a popular trend of today for owners to make their own foods at home — these usually being rice based like how you described.

The difficulty with dogs as pets — whether you self provide or use kibble — is that we have to remember that in the wild dogs are not omnivores they are carnivores, and as such they have a higher protein need than what they are usually given even with dry dog food. Vegetables and occasional fruits are acceptable, but you might want to try looking online for recipes that address protein supplies specifically. That’s the main concern.

As carnivores, of course, dog digestive systems are also very different in what they’re capable of digesting from us. They might spend more energy digesting plant material than they get out of it — same with humans and celery (aka Negative Calorie Foods). This is why grain based diets tend to be a bit dangerous.

I’d look around for recipes online, you’ll find lots of calorie information and serving amounts to help your decision. And check out comparative nutrition values from online for certain kinds of kibble. Ultimately it’s your decision, but you can do either direction and be perfectly fine if you follow nutritional and veterinary guidelines : )

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pensola said: If you don't mind me asking, who is Chris Kent?

I absolutely don’t mind!

Chris Kent was a minor character in Action Comics and Superman from about 2008 until the New52 reboot — he’s the biological son of well known Superman villain, General Zod, but after abuse and terrorizing he escaped the Phantom Zone (as part of the criminal Kryptonian’s plans for escaping themselves) and was discovered by Clark and a group of scientists when he… kinda sorta crashed into downtown Metropolis. Happens. Clark probably cleaned it up in an afternoon.

Clark built an instant connection with Chris and rescued him from government scientists to bring home to Lois. They pretty instantly fell in love with him and adopted him — giving him the name Christopher Kent — and began to raise them as their own.

For about a year we had some amazing relationship building for Lois and Clark in a role they’d never really shared in canon before (mother & father) and Chris was adorable beyond compare.

Then it was decided to have Chris sacrifice himself to the Phantom Zone in order to close a rift he and the other escapees had caused somehow and it was horrible. Chris was lost to the Phantom Zone seemingly.

Then, a while later, Chris returned as one part of the two part Kryptonian superhero team Nightwing & Flamebird!! Only he had been aged up into his teens and was… basically not the same character, even if he was still a fairly sweet and affectionate kid with a tender relationship with Lois intact.

At the end of War of the Supermen he was… once against shrunk back to his previous child-like age. And then flew off with other Superman supporting character, Mon-El. It was confusing.

Then reboot.

I love Chris, he’s one of my favorite minor character in existence! But I’m very particular about how I want him — as in I want the child who changed Clark and Lois’ lives and the nature of their relationship.


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Persona. Two cameramen panning over the directors chair; empty, with only his name left – Ingmar Bergman –  then over to the actress, in bed, staring into the camera.

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Anonymous said: gosh I wish dc had talked about rose and lillian more but I wish they hadn't erased lillian as roses mother.

It was a completely useless retcon that erased one awesome woman and white washed another. Whoever was behind that decision should be seriously looked into by DC. It’s not like they weren’t already swimming in trouble from the dozens of other cases of that exact same thing at the start of the reboot.

I just don’t have the willpower to look up who exactly was responsible for it or else I’d go into a rant. I’m not pointing fingers without research. But I will say Rose was featured in the Superboy relaunch which was already rife with issues other than Marcus To’s awesome pencils.

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*procrastinates doing things I love for an unknown reason*

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Sorry to everyone who sent additional multiship prompts. I’m not going to get around to them. I really appreciate everyone who sent them yesterday, though, it was a ton of fun

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